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Patient Center

Healthy Living

We believe prevention is the best and most effective form of medicine.  Regular visits to the doctor are essential in preventing future diseases.  To help you track, reach and achieve your health goals we have provided some links and tools below.

Health Resources

To manage your health more effectively, we have provided some tools and links to sites with information on healthy behaviors.  Feel free to try out the various calculators and browse the sites.

General Visit Schedule

We have provided a General Visit Schedule to help you understand how often to schedule appointments with your doctor.

Note, certain health conditions, family history and other factors might lead to modifications to the general schedule listed below. Use this as a general guideline for managing your care.

 Who Age Visit Type Frequency
 Babies Under 2 Years Well Baby Exam and Immunization 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 Months
 Children 2-6 Years Well Child Exam Every Year
 Children 7-18 Years Well Child Exam Every 2 Years
 Females 9-26 Years HPV Vaccine Once (3 doses)
 Everyone 11-18 Years Meningitis Vaccine Once
 Everyone Over 11 Years Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster Every 10 Years
 Females Over 21 Years Pap Smear, Pelvic Exam Every 1-3 Years
 Adults Over 20 Years Blood Pressure Screening Every 2 Years
 Adults Over 20 Years Cholesterol Evaluation Every 5 Years
 Males Over 50 Years Prostate Cancer Screening Discussion Every Year
 Adults Over 50 Years Colon Cancer Screening Every 10 Years
 Females Over 60 Years Osteoporosis Screening Periodic
 Females Over 40 Years Breast Cancer  Screening Discussion Every 1-2 Years
 Adults Over 60 Years Shingles Vaccine Once
 Adults Over 65 Years Pneumovax Vaccine Once
 Adults All Ages Diabetes Screening Every 2-3 Years


Disclaimer:  Information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating medical conditions. Speaking and regularly scheduled visits with your doctor is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.